Continuing to Innovate to Realize Self-Sufficient Communities, Elnusa Petrofin Together with Yasmin Business Group Develop Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Central Tapanuli

PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN), a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk, continues to strengthen its support for the development of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by inspiring communities around its operational areas to be self-sufficient. Collaboration with Yasmin Business Group resulted in innovation in the development of Oyster Mushroom cultivation, which is not only economically beneficial but also in line with efforts to achieve Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) No.8, namely to encourage sustainable economic growth and create decent jobs.

The Oyster Mushroom cultivation initiative stems from the steps of Anil Kautsar and Fajar Nagara, residents of Tapian Nauli Village, Tapian Nauli District, Central Tapanuli, who started cultivating Oyster Mushrooms since January 2024. They are responding to the high demand for Oyster Mushrooms, especially in the Central Tapanuli and Sibolga regions.

Anil Kautsar, Chief Farmer of Oyster Mushroom Cultivation, stated that his business would not have grown rapidly without the support of Elnusa Petrofin through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program as well as intense mentoring since the beginning. His business has shown significant results, with monthly turnover reaching Rp. 6 – 8 million and his products have penetrated local markets, cafes, and received a positive response directly from the community.

The turnover of Oyster Mushroom cultivation, which he is engaged in by involving 10 workers from the youth around his house, has been able to become a business that helps his finances, added Anil.

“Each harvest can get 40kg to 50kg for 1300 baglogs. Although it is still in its early stages, this business is able to reap a turnover of Rp. 6 – 8 million per month, with product sales spread across local markets and partner cafes to people who come directly to the location.”

PT Elnusa Petrofin’s Corporate Communication & Relations Manager, Putiarsa Bagus Wibowo revealed, “We are proud to be part of an initiative that has a positive impact on the local community. The Company’s presence is expected to support local economic development and improve the welfare of the community.”

“The presence of Oyster Mushroom farmers is a new innovation in utilizing market opportunities in the Central Tapanuli region to Sibolga, so that it can realize the welfare of rural communities through empowerment and answer the improvement of basic services for rural communities.” He said.

The collaboration between Elnusa Petrofin and Yasmin Business Group is the Company’s commitment to realize SDGs No.8 by contributing to achieving several targets, including poverty alleviation, inclusive economic growth, and sustainable development. Through the application of technological innovation in Oyster Mushroom cultivation, it is hoped that this business can have a greater positive impact on society, accelerate local economic growth, and reduce social inequality.

“We are committed to continue to participate in sustainable development and have a positive impact on local communities. In the future, innovation will be developed through treatment in the Oyster Mushroom growing media room to reduce the temperature to reach ideal humidity. This is to accelerate the harvest age of Oyster Mushrooms which has an impact on increasing the turnover of these efforts.” concluded Putiarsa.