Dedicated to Implement Sustainability Principles, Elnusa Petrofin’s ASIAP Program Receives Local Corporate Sustainability Program Of The Year at the Sustainable Marketing Excellence Award 2024

The application of sustainability principles in a company plays an important role in business sustainability. ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) which is also supported by 17 principles of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a common sustainability principle applied by the Company. PT Elnusa Petrofin, a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk has again succeeded in proving the consistency of the application of the sustainability principle by winning the award as the Local Corporate Sustainability Program of the Year at the Sustainable Marketing Excellence Award 2024 event organized by one of the leading business media in Indonesia, Marketeers, in Jakarta on (3/7).

Guided by the concept of Marketing 3.0 and ESG principles, Marketeers held the Sustainable Marketing Excellence Award 2024 to give appreciation to companies that have successfully implemented sustainability principles in their business strategies. This award event was first held in 2023, and this year Marketeers again organized the Sustainable Marketing Excellence Award to emphasize the importance of integrating sustainability in business operations.

The CSR program called ASIAP “Sapa Raya Village Waste Transportation Fleet” is in line with the five assessment criteria given, namely First, Program Creativity or the uniqueness of the sustainable marketing program compared to similar programs. Second, Business Model Alignment or the suitability of sustainable marketing programs with the business that is engaged in. Third, Implementation Reach or the reach of the program impact. Fourth, Social/Environmental/Economic Impact or the impact of the program socially, environmentally, or economically. Fifth, Implementation Sustainability or the sustainability and consistency of the program in the long term.

Manager of Corporate Communication & Relations, Putiarsa Bagus Wibowo expressed his appreciation to Sustainable Marketing Excellence 2024 for the award. He added that the ASIAP program is PT Elnusa Petrofin’s flagship program which already has a real impact on the community in Sapa Village, Kec. Tenga, South Minahasa as the Ring 1 area of EPN’s operations, namely the Amurang LPG Depot which has proven to reduce waste by 7.2 tons per month.

“This program resolves community waste problems that have occurred for years, and even now the impact is felt not only in terms of the environment but also from the economy. From the activity, the community group obtained an economic profit of 33.6 million / year from the waste levy, transportation services and waste recycle products,” said Putiarsa.

Through this activity, Putiarsa said EPN will continue to strive to apply the concept of sustainability to its business core as a form of contribution to sustainable development and community welfare through the implementation of CSR and the application of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles in the company environment. “It is hoped that in the future there will be a wider range of beneficiaries who can feel the positive impact of this CSR program in various regions in Indonesia.” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Marthani as Chief Operating Officer of Marketeers revealed at the opening of the Marketeers Sustainable Marketing Excellence Award 2024 event at CGV Grand Indonesia that the company has implemented sustainability / ESG principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for sustainable growth. These goals are summarized in five principles or 5Ps, namely People, Prosperity, Planet, Peace, and Partnership.

In addition to being a global awareness, sustainability has now become a new competitive advantage. “Investors are now looking for companies with high performance in sustainability. Meanwhile, sustainability is also becoming a public awareness although there is still a gap between intention and action,” said Martha.