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Chemical Integrated Supply & Services Elnusa Petrofin offers service from upstream to downstream of the oil and gas industry. Products and services offered include Drilling Fluid Chemicals, Upstream & Refinery Specialty Chemicals, Chemicals for Enhanced Oil Recovery (C-EOR), and Fuel Additives for Downstream/Retail businesses.

Especially for C-EOR applications, Elnusa Petrofin with SNF SA has successfully become a pioneer in the implementation of Polymer Flooding in PT. Pertamina EP. In addition, Elnusa Petrofin has a production capacity of up to 6 million Tons per annum (TPA) for both water-based and oil-based chemicals. We always ensure the quality and quality of products supported by a complete and adequate Laboratory & Instruments.

Elnusa Petrofin also has 2 excellent products that are the work of Elnusa Petrofin and has been used in various oil and gas companies, namely FIN OSD which serves as a vegetable-based Oil Spill Dispersant (Palm Oil), and FIN HIB which is one of the additive materials that serve as shale inhibitors in drilling activities using the Water Base Mud system.

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FIN OSD is a non-ionic surfactant material that can be used as an oil spill dispersant. This material is made from palm oil derivatives which are abundant materials in Indonesia. FIN OSD Is synthesized and produced independently in EPN facilities.

Based on the results of FIN OSD tests can be used to overcome spills of various types of oil such as crude oil to all refined oil (gasoline). In addition, this material can be used as a surfactant in the bioremediation process to overcome spills on land and sea. FIN OSD is a water-based material that has a pH of 7-9 and is non-corrosive. This material is environmentally friendly because it is biodegradable, non-toxic and does not cause bioaccumulation in the cells of organisms. FIN OSD has been used in EPN, Adaro, Wilmar, and Pertamina Upstream environments.


Fin HIB is a colorless liquid made from polyamine. With a weight close to the weight of the water type (0.97 mg / L), Fin HIB is very easily dissolved in water. Fin HIB is one of the additive materials that serve as shale inhibitors in the mud water base. The content of amine groups in Fin HIB can inhibit the hydration process of clay. The use of Fin HIB can overcome problems when drilling reactive formations. Dosage recommendations are in the range of 1 – 4 % (v/v), depending on the level of reactivity of shale and shale content at drilling intervals. The use of Fin HIB is also able to prevent drilling powder (cutting) attached to the drilling pipe so that the drilling process becomes more effective and efficient. Fin HIB has been successfully applied to drilling in Pertamina EPA set 3 which has high shale reactivity in Cisubuh and Cibulakan atas formation.

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