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Elnusa Petrofin (“EPN”) was established in Jakarta on July 5, 1996. EPN is a subsidiary of PT. Elnusa Tbk, where PT. Elnusa Tbk is a subsidiary of PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi, Sub Holding Upstream PT Pertamina (Persero).

PT Elnusa Petrofin is engaged in logistics and fuel distribution services, especially Fuel Transportation Services, Energy Storage Management (Fuel, Gas, Aviation), Industry and Marine Fuel, Lubricant and Chemical Integrated Service. Elnusa Petrofin is one of Pertamina’s spearheads to distribute BBM PSO (public service obligation) and BBM One Price to all corners of the archipelago.

Leading National Companies in Energy Services and Supply Chain Management

  1. Doing business in energy services and supply chain management
  2. Provide customer satisfaction through competitive excellent service and professionalism by prioritizing innovation, operational excellence, QHSE, and GCG.
  3. Ensuring sustainable growth for the company, employees, and other stakeholders.
  4. Play an active role in the renewable energy business and support availability of energy throughout the country.

PT Elnusa Petrofin's Board of Commissioner

Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja20230403140010

Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja

President Commissioner
Aditya Murthiawan20210625140551

Aditya Murthiawan


PT Elnusa Petrofin's Board of Director

Doni Indrawan20190920132445

Doni Indrawan

President Director


Director of Operational and Marketing
Yogi Firdaus20190920132850

Yogi Firdaus

Director of Finance and Administration

Award and Recognition

Elnusa Petrofin received several prestigious awards, including: