Strengthening ONE Pertamina’s Synergy in the Chemical Industry, PT Elnusa Petrofin and PT Pertamina Lubricants Signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Commercialization of Specialty Chemical Products.

PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN) and PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL) strengthened the synergy of ONE Pertamina by signing a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the field of Specialty Chemical, specifically Perta Series products. The signing ceremony held on Monday (10/6) in Jakarta shows the commitment of both companies in improving integration and operational efficiency. The main objective of this signing is optimization between subsidiaries in Pertamina Group by combining the advantages of Total Services Assistant (TSA) and Perta Series from Elnusa Petrofin and PTPL.

The agreement between Elnusa Petrofin and Pertamina Lubricants this time includes the commercialization of Perta Series products that have been developed by Pertamina Technology Innovation (TI) from the Technology Development II Sub-Function and Technology Incubation Sub-Function such as Demulsifier (Pertadem), Corrosion Inhibitor (Pertaguard), and Pour Point Depressant (Pertaflow), as well as other products in accordance with specifications. Elnusa Petrofin is committed to supporting PT Pertamina Lubricants Operational Excellence by providing integrated Total Services Assistant (TSA) services in the Chemical Field, these services include Chemical Research & Development, Chemical Production, Transport & Logistics Services, Operations & Maintenance Services, Chemical Pumping & Equipment Services, and Storage & Inventory Management System.

The event was also attended by PTPL President Director Mr. Werry Prayogi, PTPL Sales & Marketing Director Mr. Dwi Puja Ariestya, VP Technology Development II PT Pertamina Persero Mr. Ismal Gamar, Elnusa Petrofin President Director Mr. Doni Indrawan, Elnusa Petrofin Operations & Marketing Director Mr. Ferdiansyah, and management from Elnusa Petrofin and Pertamina Lubricants.

In his speech, Mr. Werry Prayogi stated that, “Pertamina Lubricants again gave the trust to Elnusa Petrofin to support the realization of Operational Excellence in Pertamina Lubricants. We hope that this partnership in the Chemical field can support Pertamina’s vision to continue to grow and expand its business lines well.”

President Director of Elnusa Petrofin, Mr. Doni Indrawan in his speech said that, “Elnusa Petrofin is also grateful for the trust given by Pertamina Lubricants. This partnership is expected to develop business, both Elnusa Petrofin and Pertamina Lubricants. Elnusa Petrofin is ready to support operational excellence at Pertamina Lubricants, especially in the Chemical sector.”

With this collaboration, Elnusa Petrofin and Pertamina Lubricants hope to achieve common goals in creating Value Creation in Pertamina Group and making a real contribution to Industry and Society, as well as strengthening their position as a leading company in the Indonesian energy sector.