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We realize that our business partners play important roles and functions in the operations and business continuity of PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN). With EPN’s business activities that span across all regions of Indonesia, and with increasingly developing technological advances, we realize that the procurement process must shift from a conventional system to a more modern system.

SCM Online is a procurement application that is integrated from the beginning of the request process, the procurement process, to the receipt of the goods/services required by EPN. Through this application, it is hoped that our Business Partners will get more value benefits such as better exchange of information, easier access, independent monitoring of processes, and others.

The following is a link to enter the SCM Online EPN application:

e-Procurement PT Elnusa Petrofin

To provide an understanding of Electronic Procurement (E-Proc), here is a general description of the information

Vendor Management ModuleThrough the Vendor Management Module, prospective partners can independently register their companies.
Prospective partners can also enter the business field group owned, so that when a need arises from PT Elnusa Petrofin, a potential partner will be automatically selected by the system for the type of need in question.
E-CatalogueE-Catalog is a list of items on a contract that is entered into the system like a storefront.
Through this window, prospective partners can enter a list of products owned, so that if a need arises from PT Elnusa Petrofin, the product list has become a database in the system.
Procurement Management ModuleThe Procurement Management Module makes the procurement process possible anywhere because it uses a website basis.
On the same website, prospective business partners can find out the latest information regarding requests for goods/services from PT Elnusa Petrofin, as well as to find out information on the progress of the procurement process.
Contract Management ModuleThe process of contact execution will be simpler and faster with the implementation of the Contract Management Module, both for PT Elnusa Petrofin and business partners.
A contract monitoring system using this module will provide more detailed information regarding contract utilization for both parties.