At Elnusa Petrofin we work with a family spirit, uphold diversity, and professional values. Here, we work as a team and offer many growth opportunities in a work environment that is dynamic, safe, and concerned with social aspects.

The success of a company depends on the performance of its employees. One of the things that can be the key to success is employee engagement.

It means that this is related to how we create conditions in which employees offer more potential and capabilities.

How did EPN create these conditions?

Employee engagement is based on trust, integrity, and communication also two-way commitment between the organization and its members.



Build communication based on the principles of mutual trust, clarity of message delivery, and transparency.

To create open and clear communication, we use various efforts to communicate with each other, both written (newsletter, email, WhatsApp Groups) and verbally (town hall meetings, coordination meetings, etc.).

Appreciate every form of performance/innovation performed by every EPN employee.

Giving appreciation aims to maintain and improve employee performance. Programs carried out such as prayer trip rewards for outstanding tanker crews (AMT), awards for employees who create innovation, long service awards, etc.



The close relationship between superiors-subordinates-colleagues in order to create a positive work environment.

Good relationships between individuals, a strong culture of cooperation, synergy between departments, and a spirit of teamwork will strengthen the sense of belonging, and expedite the work process. The programs carried out are employee gatherings, joint arts, and sports activities, celebration of various company events, and team working.

Organizing development and learning programs that support the self-development of every EPN employee.

Development programs are provided to motivate employees to be better. In its implementation, various learning methods are used, such as in-house training, coaching, mentoring, sharing sessions, assignments, and self-study. Besides that, there are also leadership programs and career development opportunities.