Prioritizing Safety as the Main Aspect of Running Operations, Elnusa Petrofin Collaborates with ATPM Hino Motor Sales to Held Go Live Program New MMS

Elnusa Petrofin collaborated with ATPM Hino Motor Sales Indonesia by holding Go Live News MMS Program in Poso Group and Baubau Group. This Go Live was held at Fuel Terminal Luwuk and Baubau on Friday (01/03) which will then be followed in 8 other locations on Monday (04/03).

The New MMS program is one of the Fleet Safety Improvemet Program (FSIP) maintenance systems for fuel tank cars managed by Elnusa Petrofin. This program collaborates with ATPM as one of the strategic partners to ensure the reliability of fuel tank cars.

With New MMS, ATPM will be the party that runs the fuel tank car maintenance program, starting from inspection programs, preventive maintenance, to corrective maintenance. This program is implemented to improve the safety and reliability of fuel tank car units so that Elnusa Petrofin can continue to serve all its customers in the best performance.

As a pilot project, Elnusa Petrofin has selected 10 locations for the New MMS program. Starting from Luwuk, Baubau, Poso, Banggai, Kolaka, Kolonedale, Moutong, Raha, Tahuna, and Tolitoli. This program is expected to continue to improve the operational excellence that has been achieved by Elnusa Petrofin so far by continuing to prioritize HSSE aspects.