Focus on Improving Safety and Efficiency, Elnusa Petrofin Held Benchmarking with LPPNPI AirNav Indonesia

Elnusa Petrofin through HSSE, Technical & Maintenance, Information Technology, and Transportation Operation Performance functions visited LPPNPI AirNav Indonesia to hold a benchmarking visit. This visit was held on Monday, March 4, 2024, precisely at the Air Traffic Service Center Jakarta.

In collaboration with KNKT, this benchmarking was held to support the development plan of Road Traffic Control (Distribution Control Center) to monitor fuel distribution activities. Not only monitoring the tank car (MT) while operating, currently Elnusa Petrofin is still developing technology to monitor the behavior of the Tank Car Crew (AMT) in order to maintain AMT safety while driving and ensuring distribution activities run smoothly.

The benchmarking activity was attended by Senior Manager HSSE, Manager IT, Manager Transportation Operation Performance, and several EPN officers from HSSE, TOP, IT, and Technical & Maintenance functions. Perwira EPN were also accompanied by KNKT team Zulfikar Sjarief and Dwi Bakti Permana as LLAJ Safety Investigators, and Ardi Gunawan as General Functional. The material was delivered directly by Suwandi as Head of Safety & Quality Assurance Division and Mochammad Toharoh Nurhuda as GM JATS.

This benchmarking is expected to provide insight to Elnusa Petrofin to continue maximizing its operations. Starting from determining the number of human resource needs, work duration, safety standards, communication methods, to developing the right technology is the key to maximizing efforts to improve health and safety during operations.