Seize The Blessings and Welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadan, Elnusa Petrofin Held Prayer Together & Orphan Charity

In welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, PT Elnusa Petrofin held a joint prayer event and orphan compensation on Friday, March 1, 2024. The event was held in a hybrid manner and was attended by Elnusa Petrofin Officers and Pertiwi both at the Head Office and operational units online. This activity was also a precious moment with the presence of 35 orphans from the Baitul Hikmah Foundation.

Elnusa Petrofin’s Director of Administration and Finance, Mr. Yogi Firdaus, opened the event by saying that this activity is a form of longing and a way to get closer to Allah SWT. The presence of the invited orphans is expected to bring blessings, not only for the company but also for all Elnusa Petrofin Officers and Pertiwi.

The momentum of the event continued with the provision of compensation for orphans from the Baitul Hikmah Foundation, which was given directly by Mr. Yogi Firdaus. The donation is a form of gratitude and concern for Elnusa Petrofin, and brings blessings to the recipient of the donation.

The event was closed with tausiyah and prayer together led by Ustadz Qolyubi Mahtum LC, creating a solemn and meaningful atmosphere. The whole series of activities is not only an expression of gratitude for welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, but also strengthening the spirit of togetherness and the values of social care in the Elnusa Petrofin environment.