Elnusa Petrofin (EPN), a subsidiary of Elnusa Tbk (ELSA), has dispatched 85 Car-Tank Crews (AMT) and outstanding workers on a worship trip after a delay of three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic impact. The pilgrimage trip was conducted in a hybrid manner in the Udaya room at Graha Elnusa, the Elnusa Petrofin Head Office on Wednesday, 22 February 2023.

The reward for the pilgrimage trip is a departure for the Tank Car Crew (AMT) and outstanding workers for the 2021 period. A total of 85 workers were selected based on their Religion, where 68 workers went on a pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina for adherents of Islam, 13 workers departed for worship to Jerusalem for adherents of Christianity, and 4 workers went to India for worship for adherents of Hinduism.

Aditya Budi Prabowo, the Main Director of PT Elnusa Petrofin, released the workers for the pilgrimage and stated that “Since has been initiated in 2015, Elnusa Petrofin has dispatched approximately 291 workers, and this year we are dispatching 85 of the best Elnusa Petrofin workers from various locations and positions. We hope that the journey of worship will run smoothly and with blessings. It is also a scheme of employee appreciation program to increase work productivity and to strengthen employee loyalty within PT Elnusa Petrofin, as well as a concrete manifestation of work-life balance for employees,” said Mr. Adit.

The workers who received the reward for the religious trip are the best workers who were selected with strict parameters set by Elnusa Petrofin’s management.

The assessment criteria for the 2021 period included Employee Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) factors, Personnel Aspects (including Discipline and Years of Service), as well as recommendations from Pertamina Representatives for workers located in the Operations Unit.

One of the recipients of the Umrah pilgrimage award, Mr. Adi Wibowo, who works as a partner of the Tank Car Crew (AMT) at the Banjarmasin Fuel Terminal Unit, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the management of Elnusa Petrofin. He has been working there since 2007 and stated that “This Umrah pilgrimage is one of the biggest rewards I have ever received. Alhamdulillah, Elnusa Petrofin has been consistently giving us rewards every year. This reward also serves as motivation for us and as an inspiration for other oil tanker crew members to continue working well,” said Mr. Adi Wibowo.

The reward-giving event and Umrah pilgrimage departure also featured religious leaders who offered condolences and prayed together. A gathering was also held between the reward recipients and Elnusa Petrofin employees at the company’s headquarters, so that the recipients can carry out their worship in accordance with their respective beliefs. It is also hoped that the provision of these rewards will bring benefits and blessings to the company, so that all company operations can continue to run smoothly.

“On behalf of the Personnel and Management of Elnusa Petrofin, I congratulate you on receiving this award. We hope that the reward for this pilgrimage will further strengthen the faith of workers so that they are able to implement the values of AKHLAK, and when they return to Indonesia, it will motivate workers to work more actively and diligently. We ask that you also pray for our beloved company, Elnusa Petrofin, so that it will always be victorious and protected from all kinds of harm,” concluded Aditya.