Collaboration Presents Achievement, PT Elnusa Tbk & PT Elnusa Petrofin Named the Best Service Company by Pertamina EP 7

Elnusa Petrofin in collaboration with Elnusa Upstream Services again achieved achievements by getting an award from PT Pertamina EP Zone 7 as the Best Service Company. The award was given directly during the 2023 Performance Evaluation & Appreciation activity held by Pertamina EP on Friday (16/02).

The award was handed over by GM Pertamina EP Zone 7 Mr. Afwan Daroni to Elnusa Team Representative, Rachmat Salogo as PIC Project Drilling Fluid Elnusa. The event began with an opening by a representative of Pertamina EP Zone 7 Drilling Team. Before entering the award session, Pertamina EP Drilling Team also held an evaluation session for the past year and presented the target for 2024.

This achievement was achieved for the services of Elnusa Petrofin who collaborated with the Upstream Services Division of Elnusa, Tbk. in drilling PT Pertamina EP 7. This award proves that the Drilling Fluid developed by Elnusa Group is recognized for its good performance quality and contributes significantly in helping the success of Pertamina EP Zone 7 drilling program.

Not only for its good performance quality, the Best Service Company award is also assessed by paying attention to operational excellence to HSSE aspects. With this award, it is hoped that the consolidation and collaboration that has been present can be maintained and continue to present many of its best achievements.