Celebrating 27th EPN Anniversary, Elnusa Petrofin Ready to Bring Energy for the Nations To The Next Level

The excitement of Elnusa Petrofin’s 27th Anniversary which fell on July 5 was celebrated together with all EPN Officers and Pertiwi, both at the Head Office and all units throughout Indonesia. With the theme “Energizing Your Journey to the Next Level”, the event was attended by 956 EPN officers and was held in a hybrid manner broadcast live from Udaya Room, Graha Elnusa through Microsoft Teams Wednesday (5/7).

 President Director of PT Elnusa Petrofin, Mr. Aditya Budi Prabowo said that this 27-year long journey is a clear proof of the hard work, dedication, and professionalism of EPN officers in facing various challenges that come and go for the next level.

“For the achievement of Elnusa Petrofin in 27 years of its journey, we would like to thank our Shareholders and Stakeholders who have supported EPN’s steps, and most importantly thank all the Officers, Pertiwi and all the workers that I love and are proud of who make all this success possible. I am sure, with the fighter spirit of officers in improving competence and innovating so that we are never afraid to grow and develop, we can go through all the challenges and finish 2023 brilliantly,” said Aditya.

Not only attended by EPN Directors, Elnusa Petrofin’s President Commissioner, Mr. Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja also attended EPN’s 27th Anniversary celebration along with the President Director of PT Elnusa, Tbk. Mr. John Hisar Simamora. During the anniversary celebration, EPN also played a Milestone Video that tells the history and achievements of Elnusa Petrofin for 27 years, followed by the launch of the latest Company Profile Video.

27 years of journey to make achievements, Elnusa Petrofin also grows with the environment and society. For this reason, EPN also shared the happiness of this anniversary by providing compensation and school stationery to underprivileged children spread across 27 EPN operating unit areas. This gift was symbolically given by the EPN Board of Directors to representatives of the Baitul Hikmah Elnusa Foundation, Elsafan Foundation, and SPS Al Ikhlas Triananda Bantar Gebang School during the EPN Anniversary event.

The anniversary celebration event was also enlivened with various entertainment activities. From the mentimeter quiz, Petrofin’s Got Talent event, Quiz Family 100 about AKHLAK and HSSE Principles to the announcement of games that had been held before the main event took place such as Wellness Challenge, Safety Campaign, and Unit Video Company Profile Competition.

The ambience was even more lively with the enthusiasm of the EPN Officers with the drawing of door prizes and grand prizes. The event was closed with a stand-up comedy performance from mo sidiq and singer Marcello Tahitoe who sang several songs to entertain the EPN officers.

The joyful atmosphere was also felt in Elnusa Petrofin’s operating units spread across Indonesia. Gratitude was expressed with a variety of events that were enlivened with all EPN Officers.