Supporting the Increase of National Oil and Gas Production, Elnusa Petrofin Holds Go Live Crude Oil Distribution Management with ISOTANK Truck in Sarolangun, Jambi

In an effort to support the increase in national oil and gas production, PT Elnusa Petrofin held Go Live Crude Oil Distribution Management using ISOTANK Truck on (7/1) in Sarolangun, Jambi. This project is the result of cooperation with Pertamina EP’s Joint Operation (KSO) – BWP Meruap, with the loading location at STA (Staging Area) Meruap, Sarolangun and the unloading location at STA Bajubang.

Elnusa Petrofin has the mandate to provide end to end process services which include managing a fleet of Crude Oil transport vehicles and Human Resources to carry out and manage Crude Oil land transportation operations. In addition, Elnusa Petrofin will apply a land transportation Operational Governance system, which includes Governance of Human Resources, equipment/vehicles, routes, permits, and supporting equipment such as operating bases. The main objective is to ensure the transportation of production from Meruap Field to the destination can take place effectively and efficiently by upholding HSSE aspects.

Crude Oil produced in Sarolangun is the result of drilling conducted by KSO Pertamina EP – Samudera Energy BWP Meruap. This Crude Oil will be further processed into BBM at RU III Plaju, with the distribution process from STA Bajubang to RU III Plaju carried out using the pipeline method.

The first shipment of Crude Oil has been successfully carried out with a volume of up to 1,000 Barrels per day using 7 ISOTANK Trucks. This process involves full service from loading and unloading process to human resource management.

Elnusa Petrofin’s commitment to provide the best service and ensure safe, efficient and optimized operations. With the commencement of Go Live Transportation of Crude Oil shipment, it is expected that the collaboration between PT Elnusa Petrofin and KSO Pertamina EP – BWP Meruap can be a success story for Crude Oil transportation projects in other regions.