Elnusa Group Synergy To Realizes Net Zero Emission (NZE), PT Elnusa Petrofin with PT Elnusa Tbk Holds Planting 100 Trembesi Tree Seedlings

PT Elnusa Petrofin together with PT Elnusa Tbk continued Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Green Action activities as support for the Net Zero Emission (NZE) Program in 2060 through the planting of 100 Trembesi Trees at TBBM Tembilahan on Wednesday (26/06) morning. The CSR activity of Planting 100 Trembesi Tree Seedlings is a follow-up activity from the Kick Off of planting 1000 Trembesi Trees in 2023.

This CSR agenda is a series in the midst of Management Walk Through (MWT) activities to ensure Operation Excellence in the Elnusa Group is running optimally. The event was attended by the Board of Directors and Management from PT Elnusa Tbk and PT Elnusa Petrofin. Also present were Mr. Dhedek Kusnardianto – Head of Sungai Gantang Village, as well as community leaders in the Ring 1 Fuel Terminal Tembilahan area, Sungai Gantang Village, Kempas District, Indragiri Hilir Regency, Riau.

President Director of PT Elnusa Tbk – Bachtiar Soeria Atmadja, explained that this activity is part of efforts to mitigate climate change and improve environmental quality by multiplying plant trees. “With the action of planting trembesi trees, we hope to support decarbonization efforts in anticipating climate change that is currently occurring while supporting the Net Zero Emission program in 2060,” he said.

This tree planting activity is also a form of synergy between Elnusa Group, especially between PT Elnusa Petrofin and PT Elnusa Tbk. Doni Indrawan, President Director of PT Elnusa Petrofin also expressed his hopes regarding this CSR activity. “Elnusa Petrofin wants to make this moment to increase the sense of concern for the environment of all Elnusa Officers and the community, especially those around Ring 1 Operating Unit. Starting from creating a green environment to reduce the number of Net Zero Emission and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to create a clean generation for the future,” said Doni Indrawan.

In addition to planting trees, PT Elnusa Petrofin together with PT Elnusa Tbk also provided assistance for the construction of boreholes for clean water sanitation at SDN 002 Sungai Gantang which was handed over directly by Mr. Bachtiar as President Director of PT Elnusa Tbk to the Principal of SDN 002 Sungai Gantang, Mr. Mohammad Arifin.

Sungai Gantang Village Head Dhedek Kusnardianto, expressed his appreciation to the Elnusa Group for their participation in this tree planting activity. According to him, this activity is an important effort in saving the environment as well as a form of real support for the Government program. “I thank all the directors and management of Elnusa who have carried out today’s tree planting activities and assistance with clean water facilities for SDN 002 Sungai Gantang School in our area. I hope activities like this will continue to be carried out, in helping to provide the best service and positive impact on our community,” concluded Dhedek.