Committed to Strengthening the Culture of Occupational Health and Safety, Elnusa Petrofin Held CSR Safety Awareness in All Operating Units

Every year, the National Occupational Health and Safety Month (K3), which runs from January 12 to February 12, 2024, becomes a momentum to reflect and strengthen awareness of Occupational Health and Safety aspects among industry players, including at PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN), a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (ELSA).

Continuous efforts are made to improve the quality of OHS as the main foundation of operations, including aspects of Man (human resources), Machine (equipment and work machines), Method (way of working), and Technology. The Company not only strengthens the OHS culture on external factors (non-Human Resources), but also encourages the strengthening of the quality of Human Resources who have awareness and qualified knowledge to support the realization of superior occupational health and safety.

Safety elements are the main principle in various Company activities, one of which is through Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the form of Safety Awareness in all Elnusa Petrofin operating units in Indonesia.

This year, the CSR Safety Awareness Program became PT Elnusa Petrofin’s CSR flagship program which is run continuously every year. It emphasizes the company’s commitment to contribute to the community through education around the company’s Ring 1. The program aims to increase community awareness of the risk of dangerous events related to the company’s business. As a company engaged in fuel distribution and Joint Operation services, such as SPBE and LPG Depot management, Elnusa Petrofin divides this program into several parts, including Safety Riding Socialization and Blind Spot training specifically for mothers and students around the BBM Terminal. These activities, which are carried out in various EPN operating units, involve collaboration with the police, such as at Fuel Terminal Tanjung Pandan in collaboration with Satlantas Polres Belitung.

In addition, the education program also includes counseling on the safe use of 3kg LPG Gas Cylinders, with socialization, demonstration, and training on installation procedures as well as gas leakage or fire prevention. Elnusa Petrofin carried out this program at the Amurang LPG Depot, South Minahasa, North Sulawesi, in collaboration with the local Fire Department and was attended by 42 East Sapa Village residents. The program received positive support from the government and authorities, demonstrating Elnusa Petrofin’s commitment to raising public awareness on safety.

Head of Prevention and Countermeasures of South Minahasa Fire Department, Christian Durant expressed his gratitude to PT Elnusa Petrofin for helping the government increase awareness in the community to create a society that is better prepared to face potential hazards, especially fires caused by LPG gas. “Hopefully this kind of collaboration can continue to grow and have a greater positive impact in building a safer and more safety-aware community,” he concluded.

Going forward, the CSR Safety Awareness program will continue to be run as an effort to reduce the risk of road accidents and fires caused by gas cylinders. EPN also plans to develop Integrated Community Based Security (ICBS) activities, which is community-based corporate security. Through this initiative, Elnusa Petrofin hopes to create a safe, harmonious situation between the company and the community, and increase the community’s sense of belonging to Elnusa Petrofin’s operational presence.

Currently, Elnusa Petrofin has educated 6,834 people from various segments, including students, communities, and communities around Ring 1 operating units. This number continues to grow until the closing of the K3 Month.

Putiarsa Bagus Wibowo, as Manager of Corporate Communication & Relations, stated, “Elnusa Petrofin is committed to continuing to increase awareness and concern for Occupational Health and Safety through one of the #PetrofinAman Flagship Programs which is a tangible expression of our values in prioritizing the safety and welfare of the communities around us.” Elnusa Petrofin always prioritizes responsible operations and business activities that go hand in hand with social responsibility to the community. We are committed to always harmonize this. Especially regarding increasing safety awareness to the community wherever we operate which is realized through #PetrofinAman CSR activities.

The #PetrofinAman program is also a manifestation of the company’s commitment to always prioritize HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) principles in all its business activities. Through this program, EPN hopes that the community can better understand and apply the principles of occupational health and safety, especially in everyday situations such as when driving.