Committed to Realizing a Growing and Sustainable Business, PT Elnusa Petrofin Held a Town Hall Meeting: “Speeding While Fixing The Rearview Mirror”

PT Elnusa Petrofin held a hybrid Townhall Meeting on Monday, February 5, 2024, with the theme “Speeding While Fixing The Rearview Mirror.” This event was attended by EPN Officers and Pertiwi in operating units throughout Indonesia.

As an effort to realize a growing and sustainable business, President Director of PT Elnusa Petrofin, Doni Indrawan, together with Director of Operations & Marketing, Ferdiansyah, and Director of Finance & Administration, Yogi Firdaus, delivered Performance Highlight 2023 and Strategic Direction 2024. Not only that, this activity was also a forum for all Elnusa Petrofin Officers to appreciate their performance throughout 2023 by showing Kaleidoscope 2023. Together with all Directors, Officers, and Pertiwi Elnusa Petrofin also conducted self-reflection through Lesson Learn from the journey throughout 2023.

In addition to conveying achievements in 2023 and targets in 2024, Management also gave awards to employees with a certain length of service, as well as giving awards to employees with the best Learning Hour for the 2023 period and awards to Leaders with Learning Hour in the Coaching, Mentoring, & Speaker category.

This Town Hall Meeting was also a good opportunity to give appreciation in the HSSE category to the Operating Unit with Zero Accident, Best HSSE Implementation to the Non-Transportation Business Unit, and most PEKA Contributions to employees.

Officers and Pertiwi were even more excited when it ended with a quiz session with prizes, closing the Townhall Meeting on Monday afternoon. This initiative reflects Elnusa Petrofin’s commitment in establishing a culture of continuous improvement and appreciation within the organization.