Achieving a Clean, Healthy, and Great (HEBAT) Generation, Elnusa Petrofin Holds Mass Circumcision (Khitanan Massal) in Makassar

PT Elnusa Petrofin (EPN), a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (ELSA), through Petrofin Peduli program, once again carried out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. This time the activity is in the form of “Mass Circumcision” (Khitanan Massal) in the operational area of Integrated Terminal Makassar, in collaboration with IHC Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya Brain & Heart Hospital (RSOJ).

With the theme “Clean, Healthy, and Great Generation” (Generasi Bersih, Sehat, dan Hebat), the mass circumcision event was held on Saturday (16/12) morning at PT Elnusa Petrofin Workshop, Makassar City, which is also included in the Ring 1 Integrated Terminal Makassar area. Manager of Corporate Communication & Relations, Putiarsa Bagus Wibowo who is responsible for the Company’s CSR activities, representatives of RSOJ Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya, and local community leaders also attended this event.

Putiarsa in his speech explained that the Elnusa Petrofin Mass Circumcision CSR activity is a routine CSR activity that is carried out every year. “This CSR activity has been running since 2017 and is one of Elnusa Petrofin’s CSR flagships,” said Putiarsa.

Putiarsa added that this activity was attended by around 100 children aged 4 to 12 years. The children who participated came from pre-prosperous and orphaned families from around the company’s operational area in Ujung Tanah.

“This mass circumcision was also attended by the children of the Elnusa Petrofin Tank Car Crew (Awak Mobil Tangki), so that apart from being CSR it is also a means to strengthen and increase engagement and sense of belonging with the families of workers and workers themselves,” added Putiarsa.

In the implementation of this event, Elnusa Petrofin coordinated with the Ujung Tanah sub-district government so that the children who participated in the mass circumcision procession could be right on target with Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya RSOJ as the implementing team.

Chief Medical of Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya IHC Pertamedika Makassar Brain and Heart Hospital: dr. Fahirah Anditasari, M.Kes, Sp. Jp (K) said that this mass circumcision activity is a form of implementation of synergy within the Pertamina Group and he hopes that this collaboration can continue in the future.

Elnusa Petrofin is committed to continuing to make a positive contribution to the community around Ujung Tanah. In addition to providing health benefits, this activity also helps reduce the economic burden on families, in line with the vision of realizing a Clean, Healthy and Great Generation, in accordance with the theme of this mass circumcision event. Children participating in the circumcision were also given gifts in the form of school stationery.

The implementation of Mass Circumcision in the Ring 1 area of Elnusa Petrofin’s operations in South Sulawesi is based on social mapping conducted by the company. This area was chosen because there are a number of children who have not undergone circumcision and economic conditions support the implementation of mass circumcision.

Elnusa Petrofin hopes that CSR activities that are in line with the fourth goal of the Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDG’s) related to Health and Welfare, namely Ensuring a Healthy Life and Improving the Welfare of All People of All Ages can provide real solutions to problems in the community around the company’s operating units, especially in the implementation of mass circumcision.