Gas Department

Natural Gas Resource-Reverse & CBM Resources in Indonesia (Source: DJMIGAS)

.Oil & Gas Production and Reserve Replacement Ratio

Oil & Gas Production and Reserve Replacement Ratio (Source: SKK Migas)


In accordance with increasing the energy needs, Elnusa Petrofin also synergize to develop the gas business. In outline, the gas business devided to 4 groups: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Natural Gas Pipeline, and City Gas.

Elnusa Petrofin has obtained commercial license and has Gas Memorandum of Understanding (Gas MoU) with Pertagas Niaga related gas support and supplies. As we know that Elnusa Petrofin is very experienced company on fuel transportation and distribution in all regions in Indonesia.


Natural Gas Utilities


Elnusa Petrofin Gas Dept. Business Scope

Natural gas is an efficient, safe, and reliable fuel source. It costs less than heating oil, and is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available. Converting to natural gas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the air quality.

Elnusa Petrofin have streamlined our process and established a department dedicated to oil-to-gas conversion projects, creating a one-stop solutionto customers

Help make a cleaner and  greener Indonesia.

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