Fuel Trading

Non PSO Fuel (for Industrial and Marine) Trading

For the continuous availability of Non PSO-fuel (Unsubsidized Fuel) for industrial and marine, PT Elnusa Petrofin also provides Non PSO-fuel marketing services. The marketing network of PT Elnusa Petrofin spans all over Indonesia.

PT ELNUSA Petrofin has obtained general trading license from the Government c.q. Director General of Oil and Gas. Currently, PT Elnusa Petrofin is authorized to import, wholesale, trade, store and distribute petroleum products for the unsubsidized fuel market.

Lubrication Oil Trading

The demand of lubricants for transportation sector and industry is rapidly developing. PT Elnusa Petrofin has the license to become agents of PT Pertamina (Persero)’s Lubrication Oil. It enables PT Elnusa Petrofin market the lubricants wholesale, such as for Pertamina fuel tank trucks.