Chemical Trading

Specialty Chemical Trading

Elnusa Petrofin currently becomes distributor of Baker Hughes which produces and markets specialty chemical products for oil and gas industry. The products can be used to help oil and gas production and refinery processes.

With the support of qualified experts and chemical technology as well as product specification which is internationally recognized, PT Elnusa Petrofin is able to perform its products to answer global market challenge. Baker Hughes products have become the market leader of its type in the world at the moment.

The products consist of: Demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitor, water clarifier, scale inhibitor, biocides, antifoulants, hydrogen scavengers, paraffin treatments, pour point dispersants, foamer dan anti foamer, water treatment and another products.


Commodity Chemical Trading

In line with the development of growing oil exploration processes, PT Elnusa Petrofin has played its role in marketing commodity chemical products. PT Elnusa Petrofin market commodity chemical such as: mud chemical, SF-05, Duraton, Triaton, KCl, CaCl2, Bentonite, Barite and other products.